Big and Creative
Starting in Spring

About the Big and
Creative Division

The BCD is a new division established with selected workers from Daiso to make our
50th anniversary the Big and Creative year. We will take action to continue our Big and
Creative challenges for the next 50 years to come.
We plan outside the box. We will open our global flagship store at Marronnier Gate,
recruit Under-15 Product Development Ambassadors, and realize Big and Creative plans
and projects that make people happy with new initiatives.

U15 Only Division Big and Creative U15 Only Division Big and Creative

Product Development
Ambassadors in action!


  • 1 Planning new
    Daiso products

  • 2 Discussion for

  • 3 PR/IR activities
    as Daiso Product

  • 4 Production of a
    new item started!

  • 5 Shipment of the
    finished new item

  • 6 For release in
    January 2023!

For commercialization and
release in January 2023!

Meeting Report of the Big and Creative Division! Meeting Report of the Big and Creative Division!


Big and Creative Division

First Meeting

5/28 SAT

The main purpose of the first meeting was to get to know one another. It was exciting but both
children and adults were nervous at the start.
To begin the meeting, we explained the flow of Daiso Product Development to children who
were about to participate in their first product planning project. While listening, they were
serious, sometimes giggly, but calm in general.

Then they were grouped into three teams before the product planning exercise.
Group A: Those who were good at illustration and thinking
Group B: Those who were good at practical thinking and complicated design
Group C: Those who had good inspirations and wide vision
This grouping helped the groups exert their strengths, and we also assigned the best possible
personnel and buyers for each of them.

There were conflicts of ideas and the sharing of opinions within the team. Their unfettered
thoughts were interesting, and sometimes surprised the adults with their amusing ideas.

When the meeting was adjourned, the children looked a little tired, but they seemed happy as
they talked with their newfound friends.

Big and Creative Division

Second Meeting

6/4 SAT

At the second meeting, the ambassadors continued to improve on
the idea that they had worked on at home.
Children seemed to have become familiar with the teammates.

The first thing they did was to come up with an idea for sweet products with
the help of the people from a food company. They tried sweets in different
colors and shapes and learned that the color and shape had a huge impact on
the taste. It was a valuable experience for them.

They moved on to product planning.
The atmosphere improved from the first meeting, and they were more
open about the idea. The children could be heard all over the room as
they engaged in vigorous discussions.

They actively talked and questioned the buyers and staff in charge and
looked as though they enjoyed the process of product development.
Some children thought that there were not enough colors available
with the colored pencils and referred to color samples or actual
products to decide on the color and specifications as if they were

Big and Creative Division

Third Meeting

6/11 SAT

Ambassadors seemed to have opened up through the previous meetings.
They started the meeting by exchanging lively greetings with each other.

First, they prepared the presentation materials.
Their serious faces during the discussion reflected their growth despite the short time.

Next, they worked on the speech manuscripts.
They thought hard about conveying the features of the products, the reasons behind the designs, and the feelings that the item brought to users.

They will give the presentation next week.
It will be a key moment in the efforts they made at the Big and Creative Division.
For the new products that make the future a little bit happier, I am sure they will enjoy them!!!

Big and Creative Division

Fourth Meeting

6/18 SAT

The fourth was the final meeting where the ambassadors made a presentation.
They greeted each other enthusiastically but seemed somewhat uneasy.

They checked the positions and practiced briefly before the actual presentation.
Following the greetings from the president and director of the Product Department,
Kokoro Terada, Chief Daiso Officer (CDO), greeted them.
Seeing the child actor for the first time, the ambassadors looked excited when they
started the presentation.

More than 60 people, including Kokoro Terada and the president, were at the venue. Even an
adult would be nervous.
But, they have practiced for a week for this presentation.

Each one of the ambassadors was confident when giving the presentation and showed
growth within a short period.

After the presentation, Kokoro Terada, CDO, gave a general evaluation.
“All proposals were Big and Creative. I hope everything will be an actual product!”
Representing the ambassadors, he appealed to the president and director of the Product

As a result, all the items were to be merchandized!
The president and the director praised them.
“The idea is childlike, but the quality is good and very creative”.
“Thank you for what you have done in this long period.”
They took a group photo together at the end.
In this way, all four meetings of the Big and Creative Division adjourned.

The items planned by the ambassadors will be sold by Daiso nationwide in January 2023! Please look forward to it! The items planned by the ambassadors will be sold by Daiso nationwide in January 2023! Please look forward to it!

Big and Creative Division


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