Everybody, Let’s Devan!

The do-it-together Daiso DNA
was nurtured by devanning.

What is devanning?

Devanning means to unload a container. All logistics companies unload containers, but devanning at Daiso is special because everybody does it. Until a few years ago, 30-40 people from the founder to the executives and new employees from different departments, including General Affairs and Accounting, came to the office every morning at 8 o’clock, and with shouts of “Let’s go,” they charged into 8-10 containers aligned in front of the HQ warehouse and started devanning. The only exceptions were a few people to stay in the office. Some went into containers that spanned 15 meters to unload shipments onto a roller, and some carried the pallets. They shouted to each other: “That’s not the way!” “Switch positions!” “Only one more container to go!”

Whether I fun or difficult, “let’s do it together.”

You cannot devan in a suit because it would be too hot. For a few decades, all employees wore sportswear and T-shirts to the office, unloaded the shipments for about an hour, then showered at the office and changed into suits to start their usual tasks. Whether fun or difficult, “let’s do it together”—that is what Hirotake Yano, the founder desired. Many employees sympathized with his idea, and they say that they liked devanning because it allowed them to communicate with people from other departments. Devanning can be called a traditional event at Daiso. Although we no longer do it, the mindset of doing it together is still present, and we can help each other by being united and forceful when something happens.


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