Daiso Industries Co., Ltd.
Seiji Yano, CEO

Daiso Industries Co., Ltd.
Seiji Yano, CEO

The Course of Our 50
Years of History

Daiso celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2022.
A half century ago, we started a moving stall as a family business. Then, we opened a retail store as a 100-yen shop, which expanded into a global chain of stores. As a global company, Daiso currently has a total of 5,892 stores (3,620 stores nationwide and 2,272 stores in 24 countries and regions abroad) as of the end of February 2021. This is all thanks to our customers and their continuous support; therefore, I would like to show my gratitude once again.

Our Commitment

Daiso handles a wide variety of products from daily necessities to hobby items that enrich people’s lives. The catalog number of items is about 76,000, and 90% of those items were developed in-house. We develop 1,200 new items every month to surprise our customers every day.

Look Ahead

With the business credo “Enrich people’s lives worldwide through One Price,” we look to be a Japanese-based global retailer with a life infrastructure for people around the world. To provide by far the most valuable products, we will strive to contribute to the development of society. We hope to receive your continued support in the future.

Daiso Industries Co., Ltd. Seiji Yano, CEO


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