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Ep. 02: Satoru Wakita
Director of Product
Team II, Product
A Man Who is Not
with Daiso

Everybody is harsh with me because I’m often behind schedule from being too particular.

I love to dig deep. This is how Wakita, a buyer, analyzes himself. He prefers to make one perfect item rather than develop many products in different genres one after another. Because of his craftmanship, Wakita laughs and says, “Everybody is harsh with me because I’m often behind schedule from being too particular. “

Wakita, master of a particular niche, at his best.

Let’s take the development of A4-size photo frames as an example. When Wakita was first in charge, the back panels of Daiso photo frames were made of corrugated cardboard. Cheap but fair at a hundred yen. Wakita, the craftsman, could not tolerate that. After many negotiations with the manufacturer, he changed the material of the panel to a board with a cork-like texture made of wood chips. He was particular about everything, including the quality of the frame and the transparent sheet on the front. He eventually produced a photo frame made of glass instead of a transparent sheet. The product became a long-selling product for its extraordinary quality while still priced at 100 yen.
Let’s take another example using earphones. In 2019, when he became the buyer in charge of electric products, Wakita was not satisfied with the then current Daiso products. He decided to change the sound quality of 100-yen earphones. That was Wakita, master of a particular niche, at his best. He set his target as the quality of earphones priced at 2,000 yen on the market. Earphones are for people who enjoy music. Since the new earphones made their debut in the store, the sound quality and the design have been highly rated by customers.

Go deep into the essence of the products.

Wakita is the head of the team. His fastidiousness is shared by all members of the team. The books for children, including picture and educational books, for which Wakita’s team is in charge, won the 13th Mothers’ Selection Award 2021 (sponsored by the Japan Mothers Association ). Aside from contents that appeal to babies, the books are designed to be tear-resistant, and even if they are damaged, they can be replaced for 100 yen. Each of the books is developed with the essence of the product in mind, is appreciated by mothers raising children, and nurtures the sensitivity of the children of the next generation.